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Let's Explore!

Nature is the perfect classroom. Discovery Wilderness School offers a Nature Connection Program for students ages 2-18. Our curriculum focuses on discovery-based learning using the natural world as a catalyst for growth and development. As children spend time outdoors, they grow in understanding and connection to the earth, developing a sense of pride and protection for it.

Courses for the 2020-2021 School Year will take place at Little Pine Island Camp in Comstock Park on Wednesdays and Mill Race Park in Grandville on Thursdays. 

junior explorers

(ages 2-6)


Classes will encourage students to connect  to the earth, their peers, their parent, and within themselves. Sharing discoveries and learning from one another develops our sense of community. Come explore with us!

nature explorers

(ages 4-8)

As students hike uneven terrain, climb, and balance on stones, they develop gross motor skills. Imaginations blossom through forest play, and nature connection games expand our senses.  Students create useful objects from natural materials, and work together to solve real-world problems.

Nature Connection (ages 9-15)

Students will learn to observe the natural world with all of their senses, developing a deep connection to the earth and their peers in our outdoor classroom. They will use scientific tools to investigate, learning through the process of discovery.

Nature Mentorship (ages 13-18)

Nature mentorship develops skills in both nature connection and leadership. Mentors will learn to guide younger students to connect with the natural world. As mentors engage with students, they will develop leadership and communication skills, learning and teaching alongside the Lead Guide.

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