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Summer Camps

Put your outdoor survival skills to the test at Bushcraft Camp. Older campers can join us in a leadership role as a camp mentor. Adventures await at summer camp!

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Student ages are based on their age as of September 1, 2022.

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Bushkraft kamp
June 26-30

Put your outdoor survival skills to the test! This week will be filled with shelter-building, cooking wild edibles, crafting baskets and cordage from natural fibers, fishing, canoeing, swimming, fire-building, tree-climbing… we’ll be active in the world of bushcraft as we learn from the earth.


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Bushkraft kamp Mentor 
June 16 + 26-30

Mentors will grow in their own personal nature connection while bonding with fellow teen mentors and guiding younger students in our outdoor classrooms. They’ll get a chance to mentor younger students, lead games, hikes, and guide younger students to connect with the natural world. 

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