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Mama's Road Trip to the Wild and Free Conference in Franklin, TN

September 16-18

Ticket Cost: $219 (Purchase through Wild and Free)

Accommodations and Gas: $100 deposit due by June 12

*The total price for gas and accommodations will depend on how many of us go and how we split the VRBO and carpooling.

Buy a conference ticket today

Save your spot on our group road trip

These Wild and Free Conference tickets sell out within DAYS every year, so if you want to come along, buy a ticket TODAY!  If it's too late, and they are sold out, there's always a chance to buy one later from someone that purchased a ticket but can no longer attend.


We're going to set up a road trip of mamas to encourage one another and build community while attending this inspiring homeschool conference! We will find hotel/VRBO accommodations together, and make this an experience to REMEMBER! After you purchase a ticket directly through Wild and Free, please fill out our form here to let us know you plan to travel in our group from Grand Rapids. A $100 deposit is due before June 12 so we can book accommodations.


You do NOT have to have students currently enrolled with Discovery Wilderness to join our group of roadtrip mamas.

Buy a conference ticket today

Save your spot on our group road trip

Our Weekend Together

Friday, September 16

5:00am- meet up at a park and ride in Grand Rapids, road trip to Franklin, TN

3:00pm- arrive in our hotel/VRBO, unpack and settle in

5:00pm-9pm- W + F Conference


Saturday, September 17

8:00am-5:00pm- conference

6:00pm- go out to dinner or make food at VRBO

Evening- spend time together connecting


Sunday, September 18

About 8:00am- leave to drive home

About 5pm- arrive in GR


Conference FAQ's from W + F Website 

On Fathers and Children:

While we value the vital role of fathers in homeschooling and we love children, this event is for women only (nursing infants are welcome).

On Matters of Faith:

Some of our presenters are women of faith, others are not. Everyone is welcome, but we realize this event might not be the right fit for those who want an exclusively faith-based event or an exclusively secular event.


On Cancellations and Refunds:

Tickets are transferable but non-refundable. You can transfer them to any other woman if you're not able to attend. Simply look for buyers at  #wildandfreefranklin and transfer your ticket to the purchaser with instructions provided on the ticket - or at this link.

Buy a conference ticket today

Save your spot on our group road trip

questions about the conference? reach out to

questions about the group road trip? reach out to

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