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Junior Explorers Parent/Child Connection

Ages 2-6

Wednesday Mornings 10:00-11:45

or Afternoons 12:15-2:00

at Little Pine Island Camp, Comstock Park

22 classes per year

$300 per semester

Classes will encourage students to connect to the earth, their peers, and their parent and within themselves. Students will have time for exploration, social interaction, and creative/imaginative play with a themed nature study each week. Classes will encourage students to connect within themselves and to the earth, their peers and their parent. Each class will follow a similar rhythm: free play, opening circle with story and music, game, snack, adventure and imaginative play, and closing circle around the fire. As students hike uneven terrain, climb, and balance on stones, they develop gross motor skills. Sharing discoveries and learning from one another develops our sense of community. Come explore with us!


Babies are always welcome at no additional cost. This is a parent/child course- parents are expected to attend class with their child to learn and grow together.


Enrollment opens Feb 17.

Enroll in Mornings Here.

Enroll in Afternoons Here.