"There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing."

Sir Ranulf Fiennes

Weather and Gear

With the exception of extreme snow day cancellations, we will hold courses rain (snow) or shine. Students are encouraged to dress for the weather each week. Proper rain/snow gear is necessary for these courses. At Little Pine Island Camp, we have access to Cedar Lodge. We will spend the majority of our time outside, but on especially cold or windy days, we will go indoors to warm up for lunch or handicraft activity. Guides and mentors listen to students and make sure to keep everyone safe.


The link below takes you to the "What to Bring to Wilderness School" Section of our Handbook. 


Snow Day Cancellations

Because our classes have a later start time than Public Schools, roads are usually cleared by the time we commute. If the Comstock Park Public Schools are closed for a snow day, the DWS Director will assess the situation and notify parents of cancellation if necessary. There is one scheduled make up day at the end of May in case of a snow day during Spring Semester.

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