Nature Explorers

Ages 4-8 (FULL)

Wednesdays or Thursdays, 10:00-2:00

at Little Pine Island Camp, Comstock Park

 $525 per semester


Students will have time for exploration, social interaction, and creative/imaginative play with a themed nature study each week. Every class follows a predictable routine. We will begin each morning with free play and then gather together for opening circle with song and stories. We like to play nature-connection games, expanding our senses and awareness of nature all around us. Then we go on our themed adventure or investigation, exploring along the trails, into the swamp, or along the lakeside. As students hike uneven terrain, climb, and balance on stones, they develop gross motor skills. We stop for a snack midway through our morning adventure, and afterwards, hike back to the fire circle for lunch and a time of sharing. In the afternoon we will play a group game or sport. Students will come back together for a handicraft project, learning traditional skills to create useful and beautiful objects from natural materials (rope from plants, introductory wood carving, bark baskets, clay pots etc.). We close each class with story and song around the fire circle.Sharing discoveries and learning from one another develops our sense of community. Come explore with us!

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