Nature Connection

Wednesdays or Thursdays, 10:00-2:00 at

Little Pine Island Camp in Comstock Park (ages 9-15)

22 classes per year, $575 per semester


Welcome to the wild! Students will learn to observe the natural world with all of their senses, developing a deep connection to the earth and their peers in our outdoor classroom. They will use scientific tools to investigate, learning through the process of discovery. Each class will follow a similar flow with free exploration, opening circle, themed adventure/investigation, lunch, handicrafts, survival skills and outdoor sports/games. We will identify and learn about plants, mushrooms, trees, insects, animals, and their tracks. Days will be spent building shelters and cooking over fire, foraging and preparing wild edibles, tracking animals, wood-carving, and creating tools and rope from natural materials. With a focus on learning from one another, students develop their social skills and sense of belonging to a community of fellow nature enthusiasts.

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Spring Semester Registration will open for current families on February 1. Families on the waitlist will be able to register on February 4, and registration will open to the public on February 8. 

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