Ladies Rewilding Series
Spring 2022

Meeting up at parks around West Michigan
Every other week, Spring Equinox to Summer Solistice

Ladies Rewilding.jpg

When was the last time you explored off-trail or got lost in a sunset? Who are YOU as a woman and how are you connected to the earth? We were created to live in relationship with the natural world and in community with one another. Let’s connect with our inner-wild. 


In this ladies-only class, we will practice mindset shifts, practical knowledge and hands-on skills. We’ll connect with the Earth and within ourselves as we practice mindfulness, sensory meditation, and journaling. Our theme for Spring 2022 is wild edibles and medicinal plants. Hand-on skills include foraging wild plants and mushrooms, and processing them into foods and medicines. We’ll nourish our bodies through delicious foods and medicinals. Most importantly, we will form a community of women supporting and encouraging one another, committed to reconnecting with nature. Come, rewild with us.


* All women (18+) are welcome to join the Ladies Rewilding Group, no matter your stage of life or current societal roles. Welcome!


What’s Included

  • Eight in-person meet ups, every other week, about two hours each. Our time together will include mindfulness practices, sensory meditation, and journaling, as well as getting to know our plant friends through wild edibles and medicinal plant processing.

  • Weekly check-in email that includes journaling prompts, quick readings, and mindfulness practices to apply throughout the week.

  • Opportunity to join a Private Facebook Community to connect with others within our community between classes, ask questions, and share discoveries and resources. 


Materials List

The two books will be combined as a sort of “textbook” 


Map of Locations

Schedule of Meet Up Dates and Locations

Ladies Rewilding Spring 2022 Investment: $320

Flexible Tuition Pricing

40% Discount, Cost: $192

Family Income: $0-30,000

30% Discount, Cost: $224

Family Income: $30,001-50,000

20% Discount, Cost: $256

Family Income: $50,001-70,000

10% Discount, Cost: $288

Family Income: $70,001-90,000