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Kreature Kamp
Ages 5-12


June 19-23
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Frogs, rabbits, and bugs, oh my! Join us as we explore the habitats, behaviors, and tracks of all kinds of summertime creatures. We’ll trek through the fields, hike the forests, and paddle onto the lake with our scientific tools to discover creatures big and small. Insect safaris, scooping frogs, tracking mammals, swimming, and canoeing- we’re all about animals this week at Kreature Kamp.


Kreature Kamp is designed for students ages 5-12. A mentor opportunity is also available for older students. We’ll divide the group up into smaller pods based on a camper’s age, so students will be with those in their age group. If you’d like your camper to be with a buddy, there’s a spot for that on the enrollment form.

Kreature Kamp: $190
$15 sibling discount

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