Lead Guides

Chelsea Eerkes

Miss Chelsea is a Guide and the founder of Discovery Wilderness School. She is home-school momma to her four daughters (Bella-8, Autumn-6, Ruby-3 and Luna-1). Chelsea loves to be outside with her girls every day, exploring and learning alongside them. Among her favorite things are exploring in woods, swimming in the creek, camping, gardening, and foraging for wild foods with her family.


Chelsea is a certified Forest School Teacher through the Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools (ERAFANS). She has 9 years experience as a teacher in Texas and Michigan, in Public, Private and Home-School settings. She has taught Middle and High School Sciences as well as Phys Ed for grades K-12. 

Kim Lorimer

Miss Kim is a certified Nature Preschool Teacher with 14 years’ experience as a preschool teacher at Little Lakers Learning Center, Footsteps Learning Center, and St. John’s Preschool. She was also the preschool coordinator for All Shores Wesleyan Church for three years. Miss Kim has coordinated student goals and objectives and bible curriculum for the Four Year Class and Young Fives Classrooms. She is married with three grown children and lives in Spring Lake, Michigan. Kim loves to camp and spend time outside along the beaches of Lake Michigan. She has lots of love and energy to share with our students.

Dana Boyd

Miss Dana has been a middle school science teacher for the past eleven years. She stepped away from full-time teaching this year after her youngest was born to focus on raising her family. Dana is mother to six children, two (now adult) foster kids and four younger kids (Anna-7, Samuel-5, Margaret-3, and Baby Isabel-1). Dana and her husband Jon love the outdoors- camping, gardening, sailing on Lake Michigan and playing in the woods. Dana’s life is filled with a loud and messy house, dirty feet, love and kindness. She is thrilled to be a guide at Discovery Wilderness School. She has a passion for learning how to nourish and respect Earth and Mother Nature.

Class Mentors

Shayla Kitson

Miss Shayla homeschools her four amazing kids (Axel-9, Lyric-6, Bobo-3 and Adelaide-1). Shalya is a Native Alaskan and nature connection is in her blood. She was raised harvesting seaweed and cedar trees, fishing, and shelter-building. She is committed to keeping tradition alive in the way she is raising her own children, with a deep connection to the Natural World.

Daniel Ramey

Mr. Daniel is a homeschooled high school student.  He loves hiking, camping, and lots of outdoor activities.  Daniel has experience caring for his three younger siblings and has also helped as a teacher's assistant for PE classes at GRACE Homeschool Association. He is an excellent leader and role model for students in our Nature Studies and Outdoor Sports Courses.

Taina Rodriguez

Miss Taina is studying elementary special education at Grand Rapids Community College. She loves to spend time in nature and participate in outdoor activities like camping, taking her niece to the park, and cheerleading. Taina was a group leader for children’s bible study at her church, an instructor for elementary kids at cheer camp, and loves to care for her niece, Abbie. Taina enjoys lending a helpful hand where ever she is needed and making others happy! We are excited to welcome Miss Taina to Discovery Wilderness School.

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