Nature Guides

Chelsea Eerkes

Miss Chelsea is a Lead Guide and the founder of Discovery Wilderness School. She is home-schooling momma to her five daughters: Mackenzie (16), Bella (8), Autumn (6), Ruby (4) and Luna (2). Chelsea loves to be outside with her girls every day, exploring and learning alongside them. Among her favorite things are exploring in woods and creek, gardening, foraging for wild foods, and reading great books with her girls by the fire. Chelsea is a certified Forest School Teacher through the Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools (ERAFANS). She has 9 years’ experience as a science and phys ed teacher. Chelsea is bubbling over with excitement for new adventures this year with Discovery Wilderness School!

Laura Knochenhauer

Miss Laura is the Lead Guide for Thursday's Nature Explorers. Laura loves being outside and seeing the world through the eyes of her toddler. She enjoys spending time outside with her boys, reading, traveling, and hiking. At the moment, Laura and her husband, Kase, are converting an old ambulance into an adventure-mobile for the family! Laura has taught both middle and high school science and worked at Hemlock Crossings County Park in Ottawa county at the Nature Education Center. It was here that she realized the importance of and her love for outdoor education. Laura is thrilled to be a part of Discovery Wilderness School! It's going to be a great year!

Dana Boyd

This is Miss Dana’s second year as a Nature Guide with Discovery Wilderness School. She is mother to six children, two (now adult) foster kids and four younger kids (Anna-8, Samuel-6, Margaret-4, and Baby Isabel-2). Dana and her husband Jon love the outdoors- camping, gardening, sailing on Lake Michigan and playing in the woods. Dana’s life is filled with a loud and messy house, dirty feet, love and kindness. She was a middle school science teacher for 11 years before stepping away to raise her family after her youngest was born. She has a passion for learning how to nourish and respect Earth and Mother Nature.

Sarah Dault

Miss Sarah is a Lead Guide for the Junior Explorers Courses with Discovery Wilderness School. She loves adventuring with her 3 children: Alexia (13), Ethan (11), and Elias (10). Miss Sarah enjoys gardening, biking, yoga, drinking coffee, traveling, and exploring outdoors. She has been working with children for the past 17 years in various settings including licensed in-home daycare, school volunteer work, and teaching PreK at church. Miss Sarah is ecstatic about her first year at Discovery Wilderness School and all the wonderful adventures to come!

Marissa McCauley

Miss Marissa homeschools her 4 children: Quinn (7), Emma (5), Joya (2) and Cal (7 months), and loves to be out in nature with them. Marissa has her B.S. in Biology and Secondary Education. She taught middle school science in the Chicago and Orlando areas for several years before staying at home with her kids and homeschooling. Marissa is excited to share her passions for exploring and discovery this year with other families through Discovery Wilderness!

Dean Harrier

Dean is a nature guide with Discovery Wilderness School in the fall and spring, and a ski instructor at Cannonsburg over the winter. He loves to camp, hike, and share his love of nature with everyone around him. 

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