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Friday, March 6, 10:00 am-11:30am

at the home of a community expert in Sparta.

Backyard Sugaring

a Maple Syrup Processing field trip to Sparta

For students enrolled in Discovery Wilderness Classes


Lets see the entire process, start to finish! Community expert, Jim LaRock will be taking us on a tour of his sugaring set up. There is a small grove of sugar maples in his backyard, and he has been making syrup for years. He has hand-crafted a large boiler with a great set up for boiling down sap. Sign up to join the tour! If there is time left, we will go on an exploration in the back woods behind Jim's house through the woods to a beautiful creek.  

Our community expert's address with directions to his home will be emailed to you after you sign up to join us. 



Wednesday, March 26, 9:30am

Drop-off at Brookcrest, pick up at Wedgewood Park

Pancake Breakfast 

with residents at Brookcrest

For students enrolled in Discovery Wilderness Classes


Join us as we share the process of sugaring with residents at Brookcrest. We will be giving a presentation about how we tapped, collected and cooked down sap into syrup. Then we will enjoy the sweetness of our labor with a small pancake snack-sharing it with members of the Grandville Community. Brookcrest Nursing home backs up to Mill Race Park, where we collect the sap for our syrup. 

This will take place during the first 45 minutes of our Wednesday Morning Nature Class. Please sign up here if you would like to participate. Parents are also welcome to come! We will walk back to Wedgewood Park for the next hour and a half of nature class. 

Drop off will be at Brookcrest Nursing Home. If the parent comes and participates, you are welcome to drive your child back to the park (if they are enrolled in Wednesday nature class). Other students will walk with a Lead Guide back to Wedgewood Park. 

All students in the Nature Study (ages 9-14) with Ms. Chelsea will be participating in this event, as well as any other student that wants to join us. Nature Explorers and Junior Nature classes at Wedgewood may be combined into one class that day, depending on how many younger students want to participate at Brookcrest.


Monday, February 12, 10:00am

Wedgewood Park, Grandville

Winter Birding

Family Nature Walk

We will be reading a story about what different birds do in winter, going on a walk to look for birds and then (if it is warm enough to take off mittens) making pine cone bird feeders using peanut-FREE sunflower seed butter and bird seed. Bring your own bird-watching binoculars, if you have them.

Come with your child for a winter nature walk. These winter walks are free and a way to connect with other families over winter. Feel free to invite a friend. If it’s a nice day, bring a lunch for a winter picnic. We will plan to gather about 10:00 to read a story and then start on a themed walk following the Buck Creek Trail. Kids range in age from newborn to 15 years, so we will naturally just split up according to who comes.

Just a reminder: these are not drop-off events, since full staffing will not necessarily be there. Just a great way to connect with other families in nature.

Here is a link to the facebook event. 


Monday, February 24, 10:00am

Mill Race Park, Grandville

(FULL) Sugar Maple Tapping 

Family Winter Nature Walk

If the weather is right, we will tap maple trees to collect sap. We’ll start with a quick story about the importance of maple syrup and maple sugar to our ancestors, and then find the sugar maples that students identified last fall. Spring semester at DWS we will be cooking down sap into syrup, and have planned a pancake breakfast with Seniors at Brookcrest Nursing Home.

Tapping Maple Trees is all about watching the weather, so we can’t predict for sure when we will be tapping. If we don’t tap today, we will plan to gather for a nature exploration walk and later tap trees during class.

Mill Race Park is street-parking only. Turn East from Wilson onto Macrase St. Then veer to the right, and the street turns into Carlton Park Drive. Look for our group in front of the big brown barn.

Just a reminder: these are not drop-off events, since full staffing will not necessarily be there. Just a great way to connect with other families in nature.

Here is a link to the facebook event. 

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