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Ladies Rewilding Series
Spring 2022

$325 (flexible tuition pricing)

Meeting up at parks across West Michigan

Every other Saturday Morning

When was the last time you explored off-trail or got lost in a sunset? Who are YOU as a woman and how are you connected to the earth? We were created to live in relationship with the natural world and in community with one another. Let’s connect with our inner-wild. 


In this ladies-only class, we will practice mindset shifts, practical knowledge and hands-on skills. We will connect with the Earth and within ourselves as we practice mindfulness, sensory meditation, and journaling. Our theme for Spring 2022 is wild edibles and medicinal plants. Hand-on skills include foraging wild plants and mushrooms, and processing them into foods and medicines. We’ll nourish our bodies through delicious foods and medicinal teas, tinctures, and salves. Most importantly, we will form a community of women supporting and encouraging one another, committed to reconnecting with nature. Come, rewild with us.


* All women (18+) are welcome to join the Ladies Rewilding Group, no matter your stage of life or current societal roles. Nursing infants are also welcome to join in the fun.


Play-Based Childcare
Babysitter Certification Course

$185 (flexible tuition pricing)

Ages 11+

April 5-8, 3:00-5:00pm + 5-8pm Friday Night

Little Pine Island Camp, Comstock Park 

Registration will open Feb 7

Your preteen/teen will develop skills to lead younger children in imaginative play, outdoor exploration, and creative expression. We will practice the art of storytelling to capture imaginations, asking open-ended questions and following the lead of the child. Students will learn how to assess risks in the outdoor play space to allow freedom and self-expression within safe boundaries. Students will receive a babysitters certification through the American Red Cross. 

This course features four days (Tuesday-Friday 3pm-5pm) learning and practicing skills in the outdoor classroom, including infant and child first aid and CPR. Then, Friday night from 5-8 pm students will have the chance to practice these skills by leading children in fun games and activities on a parent's night out (under the supervision and leadership of adult instructor. 


Spring Break STEAM Camp

$175 (flexible tuition pricing)


April 4-8, 11:00am-2:00pm 

*You can choose to attend every day or specific days.

Little Pine Island Camp, Comstock Park

Registration will open Feb 7

Ages 6-15

April 4-8, 11:00pm-2:00pm

Outdoor explore like never before! We will jump into spring break with creativity and exploration! STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) camp will emphasize teambuilding and adventure challenges. Students will have the opportunity to connect with one another and the earth through creativity and problem solving. Low ropes course, orienteering challenges, fire and shelter-building projects. Every day will include outdoor exploration time, cooking a snack or making tea over the fire, and an art or engineering project made with recycled and natural materials.

Can't make it a day or two? No problem! We are offering discounted rates for families that have commitments on some camp days and can't make it. For scheduled each day missed, your tuition will be reduced $25. 

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