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Bushkraft Kamp
Ages 5-12

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June 26-30
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Put your outdoor survival skills to the test! This week will be filled with shelter-building, cooking wild edibles, crafting baskets and cordage from natural fibers, fishing, canoeing, swimming, fire-building, tree-climbing… we’ll be active in the world of bushcraft as we learn from the earth.


Bushkraft Kamp is designed for students ages 5-12. A mentor opportunity is also available for older students. We’ll divide the group up into smaller pods based on a camper’s age, so students will be with those in their age group. If you’d like your camper to be with a buddy, there’s a spot for that on the enrollment form.

Bushkraft Kamp: $190
$15 sibling discount

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